On every level of our cooperation you may get the needed support from our consultants. Our specialists will help you with planning, assembling and they will provide the answers to all the questions you can have.
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The answer to all your doubts.


Have you got any doubts how to arrange the furniture? What colour of the kitchen worktop will be suitable for your interior? We do understand how important to you every detail is. That is why you can count on our immediate support and professional tips from our interior specialists. We are at your disposal to deal with any problem bothering you.


A detailed



We make furniture but also we create imaginary images of rooms in which the furniture is fixed. We can help with decorating and furnishing every interior you can imagine. We love doing it.


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The conception created just for you.


We can help you not only with the furniture assembling and arranging. We can give you some advice on the colours, the floors, wall furnishing and the lights.
Our mission is to create a house which can be your paradise on the earth.





Our specialists visit your house to view and estimate the exact space you want to use. You can be certain that they will measure every millimetre of it to make sure that the future furniture will make a complete and coherent composition.


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The highest standard of services


After the assembling you will not find any errors – nothing shakes, nothing unscrews. We are so proud of our reliability which is an enormous advantage over the other companies.
Your furniture suits not only the interior but it is also very carefully prepared to meet your practical expectations.


A team of specialists

in one place


Cooperating with us you will get a full support from our consultants at every stage of work. Multi- disciplined specialists will help you create the space of your dreams.


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All for your house


Solarz Kuchnie provides you with utter solutions . Our job does not finish the moment the designed furniture is assembled. We offer the services of electricians, plumbers, carpenters or painters… to make your dreams come true as far as the furnishings, equipment and decorations are concerned.


Servicing while

you are away


You – relax, we- create a beautiful space for you where you can come back with pleasure.
Going away on holidays?
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Works going on while you are away


We know that you look for a company which is flexible enough to match your personal organizer. Solarz Kuchnie will furnish your flat even though you are away.
When you are away on holidays our specialists fix your furniture and provide the necessary equipment. Because they are never late you can be sure to be really impressed after your coming back.


An annual quality



Solarz Kuchnie guarantees such reliable furniture that you will use it for years.
Every year we check your level of satisfaction with our furniture and whether the whole interior still suits your taste. Your satisfaction is the most important to us, even years after our cooperation.


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Furniture control


If you wish, a year after the assembling the team of Solarz Kuchnie will pay you a visit to check whether our furniture is still in use and you still like the design.
If you want, we can change the furniture arrangement, the drawers, the handles or knobs, the hinges…we can do everything for you to enjoy our furniture made from the top- quality materials.



and reliability


A responsible approach to set assignments is crucial in a satisfactory cooperation.



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