Some valuable advice from experts


Planning ,arranging ,assembling- it is advisable to ask some specialists for help.


We know that you expect quick and ready answers to all your questions and doubts- our experts in the field are at your service any time, any place.


Flat redecorating and renovating should be a pleasure not a nervous fatigue.


Do not hesitate to ask for a professional support any time you need it.


What solutions can we recommend?



  • Check what kinds of professionals you will need to furnish your house. Probably you will need some painters, electricians, interior designers or carpenters.


  • Appoint one reliable experienced person- instead of you-to organize and supervise the works performed by particular professionals. This person will take the whole responsibility for all the specialists working under one roof.


  • Make a detailed estimate and a relevant plan involving the timing and deadlines for every stage of work.
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